Are you interested in partnering up with Lowveld Collective?

There are few things that you should know if you want to work with me. This publication is not my only job; in fact, it’s not a paying job at all. My day job keeps me very busy (because I like to eat) and so generally I end up writing one article a month. This doesn’t mean I’m unable to publish more. It just means that sometimes I get busy. Life with all its lemons can keep me from my passion.

That being said, I’m always open to pitches or topics. I don’t have a media kit but I am up for a chat via email.

Please note that I only feature Lowveld based people, businesses, organisations and places.

So what can I do for you for free?

  • Reviews of your products or your company. Please note that I’m only willing to do this if I have personally used your product.
  • Feature articles about you, your company and/or your hobbies and passions. We can either meet up or chat via email.
  • Attend events and do an honest write up about the experience.

The free articles I feature on my site are given a paid Facebook boost at my own expense and discretion.

What I’m able to do for a price?

  • Commissioned articles for your website. You can also look at for the other types of written work I do.
  • Arrange giveaways to be done through my blog and Facebook page.
  • Advertising on the site (I will pick where the advert will be featured).

I won’t do anything for “free exposure” neither will I feature a press release on my site as I’d like to keep my site as free from commercialism as possible.

I would like to invite other writers to send me proposals. However, I will again stress that this is a blog featuring all things Lowveld.