Until Not One is Caged

The morning before the protest, I took a slow drive to the circus grounds. In a dilapidated part of town, with rusted barbed wire fencing and broken buildings, the circus set up its tents and caravans. 


A Light in the Darkness

With care rooms at hospitals and police stations, Survivors can be quickly helped. Prevention comes in the form of outreach to schools and other places, to raise awareness about this issue. The organisation also has a mobile clinic that visits various locations, to offer free HIV testing and HIV counselling.

Expression Sessions

We now live in more liberal times. What we say, while it might not always be liked, is often accepted. Writers have more freedom of thought but it is the spoken word artists who have real courage. Imagine writing out your painful thoughts, arranging them into something driving and poetic and then standing in front of a room full of strangers and belting out your deepest thoughts. Could you do it?
Barberton 1920s

Remembering a Childhood in Barberton

This is not going to be the usual kind of blog. While we normally chat to current figures, this is a blog about the Lowveld, and what better way to honour that than by writing about a member of one of the pioneering families: My grandmother, Shirleen.

On one Saturday morning this month, I made my gran a cup of coffee (to hell with the assumptions that us English speaking South Africans only drink tea), and sat down with her to talk about what life was like back when she was a child.

If you sit next to her for a while, she’ll tell you a story from her life.