A Day at Crafted Cosmetics

Walking into the Crafted Cosmetics studio, your senses are taken to another world. Inhaling the various fragrances, essential oils, and spices used to produce their unique, natural beauty range gives you more than a small indication of what you can expect from their products.

"Gossamer Gothic" AlterNation©

Fringe Photography: Life through an Alternative Lens

With an eye for the perfect shot and a more than abundantly creative mind that despite her calm persona is always thinking up new ideas, she goes beyond the norm to bring unimaginable worlds to life.

Floral Feminine

“Crowns are very big overseas. I use high-quality synthetic flowers. I love the versatility of all my Crowns. As they are mostly custom made, each client inspires me. Variety is the spice of life... and it is such an exciting, lovely feeling to see people wearing the crowns I made with my own two hands.”

A Meander Down The Mountain

Kaapsehoop Scootours became the theme on which to end a truly trying 2018, and I instantly pictured myself tumbling down the mountain like some kind of ungraceful forest ballerina who’s had too much to drink. But I was too quick to judge.