“I always don’t want to do it right before I do it, you know what I mean?” There is no denying that the excitement of doing something fast-paced, and out of your comfort zone, is good for the soul. The thing is, spending most of the year sitting at a
Basically, we love to look fabulous. You know what they say, life isn’t perfect but your hair can be. And our ladies of the Lowveld are serious about their luscious locks! We cut, we colour, we rock outrageously stunning looks, and we accessorize. When your hair looks like a work of
From the initial contact, to follow up visits and counselling, the GRIP team is phenomenal We have all, at some point or another, dreamed of changing the world…or at the very least doing something good for our community in the hopes of making it a better place. These daydreams paint
“Instead of focusing her photography on the horses that frequent the town, talented photographer Linda Louw set out to capture the shyer horses in and around Kaapsehoop.” The book celebrates these amazing creatures, with the horse being the only animal that has played such a pivotal part in mankind’s history.
The written word has long held an aura of defiance. Some of the earliest rebels were those with a pen. And many of the most notable philosophers often kept their writings to themselves. They feared their ideologies, which were of the result of their contempt with the times, would result