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“I always don’t want to do it right before I do it, you know what I mean?” There is no denying that the excitement of doing something fast-paced, and out of your comfort zone, is good for the soul. The thing is, spending most of the year sitting at a desk, writing, living in a virtual world, is tiring. It’s boring. And yes, your joints can quickly stiffen up, causing you to stumble ungracefully when
Basically, we love to look fabulous. You know what they say, life isn’t perfect but your hair can be. And our ladies of the Lowveld are serious about their luscious locks! We cut, we colour, we rock outrageously stunning looks, and we accessorize. When your hair looks like a work of art, your confidence gets that feel good boost, and let’s face it, at this time of the year we can all do with the extra
From the initial contact, to follow up visits and counselling, the GRIP team is phenomenal We have all, at some point or another, dreamed of changing the world…or at the very least doing something good for our community in the hopes of making it a better place. These daydreams paint us the hero; they are generally fun, easy to achieve goals, and they end with a medal and a pat on the back. Working in
“Instead of focusing her photography on the horses that frequent the town, talented photographer Linda Louw set out to capture the shyer horses in and around Kaapsehoop.” The book celebrates these amazing creatures, with the horse being the only animal that has played such a pivotal part in mankind’s history. Have you ever taken an early morning drive up to Kaapsehoop in winter, with the sun just peeking over the horizon and the early morning
The written word has long held an aura of defiance. Some of the earliest rebels were those with a pen. And many of the most notable philosophers often kept their writings to themselves. They feared their ideologies, which were of the result of their contempt with the times, would result in their deaths. Sometimes work that we praise today, from poems to books and philosophical ideas had hidden beginnings. We now live in more liberal
Barberton 1920s
As a child, I would gaze at the framed photos of my late relations and think, “Why do they all look so angry?” Then, after the kind of careful thought that only a child could have, I decided it must be because they were uncomfortable in their clothing. The men with their suits, waistcoats included, and precisely styled moustaches. The women in their velvet looking dresses, hair tightly and neatly pinned back. Well, I wouldn’t
There was never much of a choice when it came to a career path for Warren Akerman. Photography was so deeply set in his blood that picking up the camera was as natural as taking one’s first steps. Coming from a family with a rich background in photography, his was to be a most incredible education, one backed by generations of photographers with plenty of real knowledge to share.   One of his earliest memories
"Not all tattoo artists are created equal" Tattooing is one of the fastest growing professions. Reality TV shows like Ink Master, Best Ink, Black Ink Crew, L.A Ink and a veritable cornucopia of related shows, have fanned the flames of this profession and cast it into the forefront of our everyday lives. People from all cultures, races and creeds are getting tattooed and Tattoo Studios are suddenly popping up everywhere; they have seen it on
Nature provides absolutely everything we could possibly need; from ailment remedies to nutrients. So it makes sense that it also provides everything we need to keep our skin supple, healthy and glowing. Walking into the Crafted Cosmetics studio, your senses are taken to another world. Inhaling the various fragrances, essential oils, and spices used to produce their unique, natural beauty range gives you more than a small indication of what you can expect from their
“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.” – Elliott Erwitt In an age of digital manipulation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish real talent from the crowd. But when technology is used to manipulate every image, talent is what makes the difference